Microblading FAQ



Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic form of tattooing. Microblading is a technique used to reconstruct, correct or enhance eyebrows that are uneven, sparse, or spaced too far apart. Microblading is ideal for people who have little to no brow hair as well as existing hair. Microblading will add shape, definition, and fullness to the existing brow area. Microblading is performed by using a single use, disposable manual hand tool that is made up of fine micro needles. The manual tool is dipped into cosmetic ink and then drawn into the skin to create a natural hair like appearance. Microblading does not go as deep as traditional tattoos, therefore it is semi-permanent and requires annual touch ups to revive the color and maintain the desired look.



Prior to scheduling a microblading appointment please review the microblading candidate checklist below.

If anything on this list applies to you the microblading procedure cannot be performed unless stated otherwise.

Prone to keloids                       



Skin cancer

Viral infections

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Any allergies to Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine, or Epinephrine

Bleeding disorders

Blood disorders


Thin skin

Large pores near or on the brow area, extremely oily or problematic skin (can have an affect on healed results)

Freshly tanned or sun burned skin

Smoker (can be performed but may cause the pigment to fade sooner)

Any known sensitivities to pigments or dyes

Recent or future MRIs

Heart condition or disorder

Uncontrolled high blood pressure

Liver disease

Autoimmune disorders

Thyroid disorders/Grave's Disease

Skin irritations such as Rosacea, Shingles, Psoriasis or Eczema (near the brow area)

Recent Facials (must wait 2 weeks after facial and then 8-12 weeks after the first microblading session and touch up appointment)

Recent chemical peels, microdermabrasion (must wait 90 days prior to the appointment and 90 days after the appointment, and the brow area should be avoided)

Circulatory disorders (physicians approval required)

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-contagious infection)

Common cold (cold, flu symptoms-please schedule after you are well)

Cancer (If in remission please get your physicians approval)

Recent Botox (Must be at least 2-3 months since last injection and must get physicians approval)

Recent Restylane, Juve derm (physicians approval required)

Recent Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)  (physicians approval required)

Recent Face lift, brow lift (physicians approval required)

Accutane (Must be 1 year since last use and physician approval required)

Retin A, Epiduo or any other currently used topical acne medications (Must be at least 6 months and physicians approval required)

If taking any blood thinning medications (please avoid 72 hours prior to the procedure to avoid excessive bleeding during the procedure)

Currently taking antibiotics or medications with steroids (must be completely done with treatment)

Red hair (Red hair clients tend to be hypersensitive. If you have red hair and wish to have the procedure done, the only color options are brown tones. Red tones are not available at this time).

Currently under a physicians care for any reason

Must be 18 or older

Previous tattoos

Must not have previous brow tattoos that are green, grey or black. Previous tattoos must be 90% faded in order to perform microblading, otherwise the pigment will not cover your existing tattoo.

Tattoo correction

Tattoo correction services are not available at this time.

Microblading touch ups

A touch up appointment is required 4-6 weeks after the first session so if you have plans to vacation 4-6 weeks from the time you intend to schedule, the microblading procedure cannot be scheduled until the end of your vacation to ensure that the procedure area heals properly.  If you have overall general poor health, unfortunately you will not be a good candidate for microblading.

******If nothing on the list applies to you please contact me to schedule an appointment******




Does the Microblading procedure hurt? 

Very minimal pain, numbing cream is applied beforehand. Most clients say the pain level is on a scale of 1-3.


How long is the service time? 

Please allow 2.5 hours for the full appointment time.


Is there a consultation included?

Yes, a thorough consultation will be given and includes drawing the desired shape, testing appropriate color options to match your existing brow hair, skin tone or hair color if you have very little to no brow hair. You will be involved during the entire process so that you are comfortable and able to give feedback to approve the shape and color options before getting started.


How long does Microblading last?

Microblading lasts up to 12 months so you can expect to get touch ups anywhere between 6-12 months. Please understand that age, lifestyle and skin type are determining factors of how long you can go before needing a touch up.


Why do I need a touch up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial session? 

Microblading results vary from person to person and is dependent upon skin type. After the first session it is to be expected that certain areas won’t take as well as others so the touch up corrects any faded areas to ensure that the pigment locks into the skin.


How will I know when I need to revive the color after the first 2 sessions? 

When your brows start to become more patchy overtime in certain areas or when you start to fill them in more than normal, then a color boost will be needed. 


What can I do if I think I may be allergic to the pigment? 

If you have concerns about being allergic to the pigment prior to the appointment, a patch test can be performed 48 hours beforehand. A patch test is performed by applying the pigment in the inner fold of the arm and/or the back of the ear. Please allow 24-48 hours to to see if you have any symptoms of redness, itching, swelling or anything out of the ordinary. If you do please contact me, this will be an indication that you may be experiencing an allergic reaction and you may not be suitable for microblading.


What do I need to do before my appointment?

Avoid any medications that will thin your blood (For example: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, Fish oil, Vitamin E) 72 hours before or immediately after the procedure.

Avoid alcohol the night before, on the day of your appointment and for 24 hours after the appointment.

Avoid caffeine on the day of the appointment (avoid decaf coffee as well, Decaf coffee still has some level of caffeine).

Do not wear makeup to the appointment (foundation, eye makeup etc). Your makeup will get messed up by the time your appointment is over.

Do not wax or thread your brows prior to coming in. Your brow area will be cleaned up at the appointment.

Shampoo hair prior to the appointment because the brow area will not be able to get wet for the first 10 days.

Please note that your menstrual cycle may make you more sensitive to the procedure.


Can I exercise after getting Microblading?

Exercising should be avoided for the first 7-10 days so that the procedure area can heal properly and to prevent sweat from dripping into the open area and to minimize the risk of infection. Once the skin has completely healed, you may resume normal activity.


How long is the healing time?

7-10 days 


Is there any downtime or redness? 

No, down time and redness goes away shortly after the service. 


What can I expect during the healing process?

During the healing process you will experience some dryness, scabbing, and light itching which is normal. The color of the pigment will get darker during this time, but this is also normal. After the skin goes through the scabbing process the color will lighten and soften to reveal your true result. Full aftercare instructions and oil will be given to you at the appointment to help relieve the dryness and to ensure that you know what to do to take care of your new brows. 


Do you perform touch ups from previous artists? 

No, if I did not do your initial session I do not perform touch up services from previous technicians.


Can I get Microblading if I have an old tattoo? 

Yes, but your existing tattoo must be at least 90% faded, must not be green, grey or black. Also, you must email clear photos of your brows with no makeup to lashedperfect@yahoo.com to get approval on whether or not it can be covered. 


Can I get Microblading if my skin is oily? 

Yes, oily skin types can get Microblading. With oily skin the results will be much softer meaning the strokes won’t be as defined as someone who has a dry to normal skin type. 


Can I get Microblading if I have no brow hair? 

Yes, Microblading can be done with no brow hair, but please keep in mind that Microblading looks most natural and blends better when there is some brow hair present. 


How do I take care of my new brows? 

Full aftercare instructions will be given to you to take home at the appointment. Please be sure to read and follow the aftercare instructions in order to yield the best results.


How do i make an appointment?

Please go to the “contact” tab and fill out a brief form submission for all appointment inquiries. 


What form of payments are accepted?

Cash, credit/debit only

Checks are not accepted